Tiger Butter
A delicious mix of
chocolate fudge with smooth peanut butter
$13.99 lb
Our award winning Praline is mixed with caramel and a thick Praline slab in the middle.
$13.99 lb
Chocolate Walnut

Scrumptious walnuts in dark chocolate fudge.
$13.99 lb
Chocolate Fudge
The best chocolate fudge you’ve ever tasted!
$13.99 lb.
Chocolate Almond
Chocolate fudge packed with tasty almonds.
$13.99 lb.
Raspberry Swirl
Swirls of sweet raspberry mixed with chocolate fudge.
$13.99 lb.
Turtle Fudge
Milk chocolate with layers of pecans and caramel.
$13.99 lb.
Mint Swirl
Swirls of delicious mint mixed with chocolate fudge.
$13.99 lb.
Peanut Butter
Peanut butter and
chocolate fudge
$13.99 lb.

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What makes our fudge so great? We use only the finest, purest ingredients and we make our fudge fresh daily. After tasting our fudge, our customers often exclaim, “This is the best fudge I’ve ever tasted!” or “I didn’t think I really liked fudge until I tasted yours!” We make fudge that we are proud to serve to you. Our fudge is a creamy, silky smooth treat that is perfect as a holiday dessert or special gift. Our fudge is ideal for church, social clubs or school fundraisers!